About 'Girl From Nowhere'

A Cape Town couple, Katherine and Hugh, are headed to their private mountain getaway, when they pick up a hitchhiker, Liza, who carries a gun. Liza is invited  for lunch, but soon the couple can't get rid of her.

Writer/director Mark Jackson's first full-length feature, Girl From Nowhere, is an Indie-Erotic-thriller set in the beautiful mountains of the Cederberg, in the Western Cape, in South Africa. It stars Tamryn Speirs, Scot Cooper, and the award-winning Christia Visser in her debut performance, in a gripping tale that confronts sexuality and patriarchy. The movie also boasts an inventive  and original South African soundtrack.

About director Mark Jackson

Mark is a Cape Town based filmmaker, with a wide experience in the industry, from directing a few commercials, and a TV magazine show, to assistant editing in Hollywood, to shooting documentaries across Africa.
He also storyboards his own work, and is busy finishing off a graphic novel of his next film script, The Oracle Machine.
Mark hopes to release that novel first, on Comixology and elsewhere, to draw attention, and perhaps funders too, to the potential of the story as an awesome film script. 

Mark on IMDB: 

Katherine (Tamryn Speirs)

Tamryn is a stalwart of the South Africa theatre scene, teaching many students, as well as performing in a wide range of productions herself. Katherine is a character lost in herself, who compromises too much for false goals, until Liza sets off a chain of unexpected and dramatic events!