The making of Girl From Nowhere

Girl From Nowhere was a micro-budget production, filmed in two weeks, in the Cedarberg mountains. The film was produced and funded by director Mark Jackson, who also wrote the script, drew the storyboards, filmed it, and edited it, making this a unique production and perhaps can rightfully claim to be an example of 'South African Auteur Cinema'.

An interesting aspect is that location was without electricity, so the film was shot almost entirely in natural light. Night scenes were lit by firelight and paraffin lamps, with only one LED lamp as backup.

The Cederberg area is famous for its starry skies. In the outdoor dancing scene, a real shooting-star can be seen in the background. Daytime temperatures were sometimes well into the 40's (celsius), adding to the challenges.

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Parabatus Granulatus

...I stepped on this little guy. So I jumped in the pool to alleviate the stinging. Gareth took this photo, and then the creature ran (very fast) towards me and jumped in the pool. And disappeared (it was a rock pool). The next day no actor wanted to swim (because scorpions can survive days underwater) This happened to be a deadly poisonous guy (google it). On the farmer's advice, I was rushed at midnight to the local clinic, who insisted I stay. And so we lost half a night/morning shoot.