'Raiders of the Lost Ark for millennials'
'Deep ideas, couched in B-grade fun'
'Entertainment in the full spectrum, something for everyone'

Lena steals a new computer machine to solve the mystery of her dream, but when it invades the internet, it unleashes events beyond imagination.

This highly-original Sci-Fi story is set in Cape Town. 

Mark is proceeding using a similar strategy as in 'Girl From Nowhere'.  The script has been storyboarded entirely. This time though, he has created a 'properly' illustrated 156 page graphic novel. As of January 2020, it is now complete!
The book has been submitted to Comixology for online published. Printed copies are now available, and a few have already been distributed. Any 
producers, investors and other interested humans worldwide are invited to email Mark.


FIND OUT MORE on  www.TheOracleMachine.in